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Seven years ago, My Nutra® was known as “New Cure”, who created “Canna Sleep™”. It was a big hit! There was one major problem though, by nature THC and CBN are like brother and sister to the marijuana strain. CBN is famed to be the most natural and powerful sleep agent on planet earth. CBN having NO adverse side effects is the new hope for those who count sheep all night.


The technology we had 7 years ago prevented My Nutra® from legally selling it because you could not separate the THC from CBN. It is a wonderful day to announce that My Nutra® has the world’s only Canna Sleep™ that has the complete genetic code of the cannabis plant and you can choose the amount (dosage) of CBN without the THC.


As many of you know, chemical extraction is damaging to the medicine and you’re probably wondering how in the world My Nutra® would even sell an isolated product? Talk about a hypocritical two-faced company you might say. Don’t judge us yet as this story gets even more interesting. Scientifically speaking we hit the JACK- “POT”. Our Hemp Paste™ has FIVE unique strains which we blended into a paste, kind of like spaghetti pesto and NOT like the rest of the world who uses chemicals to separate the oil from the plant.


What we did was boost just the CBN. Yes, all we did was add isolated CBN to our Hemp Paste™. Talk about a wonderful marriage! For those who do not know, CBD oil extraction destroys many of the healing properties through extraction. Hemp Paste™ is the world’s ONLY non-extracted Phyto-cannabinoid product.

Some say our regular Hemp Paste™ helps with sleep BUT adding CBN just might be the trick for those who need a mule to kick them in the head before they sleep throughout the night. We know that this will not help everyone, but we are 100% sure it’s worth giving it a try!

May the good sleep begin!


The My Nutra® Team

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