The Ultimate Capsule

The Ultimate Capsule

Agriculture and farming has never been as big in the history of the world than it has been at this moment in time.
Just in the US, 915 million acres are dedicated to feeding a population of 329,396,093 some odd people. Out of the 1.9 billion acres that is available to farm on in the US, that leaves about 48% land that is currently used for growing food. The average farm size in 2018 was 443 acres, up from 2 acres from the previous year.

Aside from all these statistics, my point is that it has been known with our current farming habits, the soil is getting depleted of vital minerals that are lacking from the food it produces, the same food we eat.

Now, I hate being that doom and gloom and scary and a-glass-half-empty-kind-of-person, so there IS good news:

Hemp farming is on the rise exponentially with farmers getting in line to get their permits to grow. The good thing about this is that hemp actually replenishes the soil it is grown in. Hemp doesn’t use as much nitrogen in the soil to grow, leaving the soil rich for the next rotated crop to deliver nutrients and MINERALS to the crops, into your body.

But until this happens, There is the Ultimate Capsule. This is packed with essential minerals that our body craves.

“Not only does this product offer 100% or more of 15 necessary vitamins and minerals, but it also provides additional antioxidant protection with added mixed carotenoids.”

Carotenoids are a class of phytonutrients that when taken by humans, act as an antioxidant.







So, with digging into this information, I myself am going to start taking this ultimate capsule to prevent any future disruptions with the lack of essential minerals found in produce today.

Two capsules a day offers you a more complete mineral line.

You can get the Ultimate Capsule HERE.

Have a similar story or question about the minerals we need in our body? Please let us know.

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