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Wormwood – Liquid Herbal Extract:

Wormwood is a therapeutic herb which uses extending as far back as the early Roman Era. It has long been used as an aromatic bitter tonic for stimulating digestion. It is a concentrated source of antioxidants and may even have neuroprotective properties.

Primary Uses:

  • Supports optimum intestinal health, digestive function, and gastrointestinal flora.
  • Helps rid the body of harmful organisms.
  • Expels parasitic worms.
  • Alleviates fever.
  • Supports healthy circulation.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Take 15-60 drops in water or juice, 2-3 times daily, or as needed. Shake before using.


Do not take during pregnancy or while nursing.

Keep out of reach of children.


Certified Organic Wormwood Leaf (Artemisia absinthium) – 200mg per 30 drops (1ml)


Grain Alcohol (45-55% by volume), Deionized Water

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  • I use "My Nutra" hemp paste 2000 mg. I like the fact that they use the WHOLE plant instead of just extracting the oil from the plant, it is seems to be more effective that way. I have also had very good success giving this to my autistic son. It relaxes him when he gets anxious, and there are no bad side effects. Excellent product!
  • The Hemp Paste is a gift from God. The stuff really works and the taste is not as bad as you use it regularly. I won’t leave the house without taking some. I have never slept so well in my life. It allows me to be active and adds to my daily well being. Thank you!
  • I had a great experience with this company and the hemp paste. I think it tastes good for what it is. I did not experience any head high but great pain relief. It was much better than I expected.
  • My father has been using My Nutra hemp paste for months with great success. I have been able to see firsthand how he has benefited from taking the hemp paste usually just once a day and occasionally twice. I especially like the idea of the My Nutra hemp paste being an all natural product that provides him with knee pain relief. Now I know exactly what to get him for his birthday!
  • Love this product over oils. We've tried quite a few and both me and my husband feel this is absorbed better and we like that it is the WHOLE plant. The processing of the plant leaves a much smaller carbon footprint which is so important as well. Husband uses it for arthritis in knees and me for occasional anxiety and insomnia. Works well for all of it.